OMG 7 weeks old

Wow, just can’t believe how quickly the time goes, from tiny little babies weighing just around 400 grams to big bundles of energy 5 kilos plus. Meal time takes so long in avoiding ten sets of paws, ten little mouths grabbing at your ankles and ten thriving bodies getting in the way and all you are trying to do is place their food down for them, it is a long process taking precision and accuracy. That said, they are all thriving and eating us out of house and home.

The trip to the Vet for their primary vaccinations and microchip went smoothly, only one poo and one sickness to clear up. All pups were great and all had health checks done making sure everything was how it should be and everything had dropped as they should have.

The puppies are changing all the time and there are some real characters developing. Flame still wants to play Mum but is very fast in retrieving from them as they are a handful so a couple of minutes is all she allows which is good as they need to be fully weaned.

If anyone who reads our blog would love one of our pups and the time of year is an issue due to planned holidays, fear not. We will always look after our pups here in our home after they have left so you can enjoy your holiday knowing your pup is safe and happy and well cared for.


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