Our beautiful boy Ben who is now 2 years old and even more beautiful.

Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds

Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds1


We are delighted that all but one of our puppies have gone to new homes. We deliberately took our time in selecting families who could offer time, love and in our opinion the best home. We always keep in touch with all our puppies new owners and believe in a lifetime commitment.

Master Ivory who started off as Master White, then Master Blanc because we live in France. He then affectionately became Raymond Blanc after the chef and then Ramondo. So he now answers to that name. He is a lovely boy who we kept back deliberately as we would have liked him to have gone to a show home. That would have been our preference but a happy home that ticks all the boxes is what is important for this beautiful boy.

He is such a character, very talkative, not in the barking sense but in like a  grumbling communication sense. He is very affectionate, has fantastic bone and a beautiful head. We love him very much but sadly cannot keep him as we already have five Goldens.

We know the right family will soon come along very soon that can give him the fantastic life he deserves. When he does go he will be very much missed. The photos show the character he is.

That was two years ago and we are delighted that he is living  with a good friend of ours and is very happy, it was no time at all before he was seen and loved and found his new forever home.