One Week Old

The puppies are a week old today and their nails are getting a bit on the long side and need trimming – a massive task when you have 9 x 18 to trim, my do they wriggle. the picture below is after the episode has been completed, all fast asleep so no worse off for it.

Puppies first nail clipping


Below is a puppy from our litter in 2014, Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds as he was as a puppy and how he is now. The photograph of ‘Ben’ was taken by his owner Carol who very kindly said we could publish it. He was a beautiful puppy then and he is certainly beautiful now, inside and out.

Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds                                  Ben August1


Day Six photos

Here are some photos taken this morning of all the puppies –

Miss Pink and Miss Ivory

Miss Pink and Miss Ivory

Miss Scarlet and Miss Lemon Drop

Miss Scarlet & Miss Lemon Drop

Miss Violet and Miss Tangerine

Miss Violet and Miss Tangerine

Master Green1

Master Green

Master Ebony and Master Blue

Master Blue and Master Ebony


Five days old

It is difficult to believe just how quickly these little blond babies grow, in just under five days they have gained more than 50% in weight. They are developing in front of your eyes growing in confidence and character. Here are some photos taken this morning of the boys –

Master Ebony  Master EbonyMaster Ebony1   Master EbonyMaster Green   Master Green


Master Blue   Master Blue

These youngsters certainly have good appetites and we are ensuring Indi has all the nutrients and food she needs to cope with her litter. When Amber our first Golden Retriever came into our lives 15 years ago from a breeder local to us, who is now a good friend, she mentioned that for the first couple of weeks a mix of Oats, Water, Glucose, Honey and Complan be given to the mother of the pups twice a day in addition to the two meals of their normal food. It is such an energy boost and they absolutely love it. Kind of like us having porridge in the morning before the day ahead. So we have heeded to that advice and it does make a big difference. As I write this blog Indi is lapping up her helping to help her through the night with the feeding regime.

Our new Ambersclan Litter

Three nights ago Indi who is 3 years old gave birth to her first litter of nine healthy pups. Mum and pups are doing very well and the pups are being weighed daily to ensure they have weight gain and none are being pushed away from the milk bar and left behind. It is such a joy sharing the birth and the delight in seeing such beautiful babies being born despite the sleepness nights ensuring all is well with them during the first three weeks.