Five Weeks Old Already

It is incredible to think that the little pups are now 5 weeks old, we don’t know where the time has gone but we do know that in that time they have developed into beautiful little puppies with wonderful characters. They seem to take up most of our day but who is complaining, we live by our motto in breeding happy dogs for happy homes. They certainly look contented don’t they.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Bet you cant do this with your ears...Mother and Daughter Bonding

    Bet you cant do this with your ears little one!!                                     Mother and Daughter Bonding


                                                                                               How sweet am I?

Four Weeks Tomorrow

We can hardly believe 4 weeks have passed so quickly, from not doing much for the first 2 weeks of their lives into developing into independent little characters with lots to say and lots of love to give including the nibbling of ankles with their tiny teeth. It is hard to believe that in four weeks time they will all be going to their new homes but with the satisfaction that they will be loved, looked after and cared for for their whole lives. We are so careful in where we place our puppies, sometimes really annoying people when we say no. But we were responsible for bringing the puppies into this world and are responsible for finding the best possible homes for them.  If that annoys some people then so be it. So, that said, we are delighted in the homes we have found so far for our little guys, we still have three girls available looking for that perfect person/couple who can give our little girls the best that life has to offer. If you think you are that person then we would love to hear from you.

Here are some photos taken today of our beautiful puppies .

Master Blue                Master Green
Miss Pinky
          Miss Tangerine Dream

Miss Lemon Drop Miss White

Master Ebony            Miss Scarlet

Miss Lilac



Growing Bigger by the Day

The puppies are all now over 2 kilos and have started being weaned which is very messy but they are eager and are eating well. Today they ventured outside for the first time as the weather is less hot than it has been of late.

DSC_0528 (1) DSC_0526 (1)



How Sweet are we aged 20 days

The puppies are now 20 days and we have decided that we need some sleep at night, so they are now big and beautiful enough to look after themselves at night. Mind you although we will be in our own bed our ears will still be open and therefore we will probably have less sleep than before.

As you can see they are all adorable each with their own character. Some pictures of them taken a little earlier ..


Master Blue 20 days     Master Blue

Master Black and Master Green day 20 Master Ebony and Master Green

Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet 20 days Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet

Miss Tangerine and Miss White 20 days Miss Tangerine and Miss Ivory

Miss Lemon and Miss Pink1 20 days Miss Lemon and Miss Pink



First Worming Experience

Today the pups are two weeks and three days old so time for their first worming experience. It does not lend itself for a great photo opportunity as it was a very messy experience for all concerned. The pups are now white but with a rosy pink mouth, very attractive. Maybe photos will follow later ……………………..


Puppies aged nearly two weeks

Taken today, eyes all open, all weighing over one kilo and all doing well.



Master Green Ebony and Blue                                        Master Green Ebony and Blue

Miss Pink and Miss White


Miss Pink and Miss White

Miss Tangerine and Miss Scarlet

Miss Tangerine and Miss Scarlet

Miss Violet and Miss Lemon Drop

Miss Violet and Miss Lemon Drop

Milk Bar Full

Nine happy contented puppies all lined up at the milk bar. Ten days old and a couple of the pups have opened their eyes today seeing us and their surroundings for the first time. They are all beginning to walk as well so the whelping box will be extended this weekend to accommodate their natural sense of adventure.

The Milk Bar