One Week Old

The puppies are a week old today and their nails are getting a bit on the long side and need trimming – a massive task when you have 9 x 18 to trim, my do they wriggle. the picture below is after the episode has been completed, all fast asleep so no worse off for it.

Puppies first nail clipping


Below is a puppy from our litter in 2014, Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds as he was as a puppy and how he is now. The photograph of ‘Ben’ was taken by his owner Carol who very kindly said we could publish it. He was a beautiful puppy then and he is certainly beautiful now, inside and out.

Ambersclan Jack of Diamonds                                  Ben August1


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  1. The Bearden Pack
    Aug 31, 2016 @ 11:48:22

    Cute pup/dog. I’m sure the little ones will grow up like him.


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