Ambersclan Flames of Gold mating with Thevenet Lord of the Rings Week One

The 12th of May 2014 was the day 10 beautiful puppies were born to our lovely girl Flame, nine of the puppies were born within 2 hours which was amazing, the 10th born one hour later. Six girls and four boys. All healthy and good weights. This litter was Flame’s first, she is 3 1/2 years old and at the peak of fitness.  We were there to assist her breathing, pushing and sharing the delight of each birth. Needless to say we were very proud and Flame is proving to be a fantastic Mum.

Spain and Flame with pups 189       Spain and Flame with pups 202

We spent a lot of time choosing the stud dog for Flame, studying pedigrees, checking health records and ensuring that the dog we chose had  a loving and gentle temperament. We were delighted to be able to use Thevenet Lord of the Rings ‘Hippito’, an International Show Champion. When we visited him in Spain he proved to be everything we were looking for in a mate for Flame. He was very good looking with a strong head and a fantastic loving nature , great bone and superb coat. Apart from having great health records he had also been the top stud dog in Spain in previous years.

The puppies were born indoors and we monitor their weight on a daily basis ensuring that each puppy is gaining the correct weight;  all the information is recorded on a spread sheet to enable us to work out the percentage weight gain of each pup and to keep an eye on their development.

At night we take it in turns to sleep with Flame and her pups because so often puppies are lost in the early days when the mother inadvertently lies on them. Although it means we have sleepless nights we are confident that all the puppies will get to the size where they can be left on their own at night, only 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Today the puppies are 8 days old and it was nail cutting day, what a job…. 180 nails to be cut and ten very lively bundles to control. It always amazes us just how fast the nails grow but it is a job that must be done to ease the clawing of Flame’s very large nipples.

In a week we have experienced the joy and  birth of ten wonderful little creations, slept and lived with them 24/7, provided their Mum with support, love and total commitment and we loved every moment.


Puppy photos aged one week 011 Puppy photos aged one week 008

Spain and Flame with pups 197





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