Our Babies off to their new homes

Well the last eight weeks have flown past and today we said goodbye to Miss Pinky, the first puppy to leave the nest. It is always very sad to see the puppies go but we pride ourselves in taking the time in finding the right people who are able to give the love and commitment that we believe our puppies deserve. We know that our Miss Pink ‘Ambersclan Misty Moment’ will have a life full of love and affection.
Miss Pink leaving for her new home


Well today on the 17th October sweet Miss Tangerine Dream left for her new home, it seems a lot quieter without her although she was small she made up for it in character. Hope you have a lovely life little sweet one.

Miss Tangerine Dream



Hopefully our future Champion under the expert guidance of Cathy Tsiknos who has chosen our beautiful Master Blue ‘Ambersclan Moonlight Shadow’. He is a dream puppy, all the litter are unbelievably affectionate and loving and we are delighted that Cathy has chosen one of our puppies, he will live with his father ‘Dual Champion Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream’.

Master Blue

We are delighted that Miss Lemon Drop and Master Green ‘Ambersclan Misty Morning’ and ‘Ambersclan Moonlit Mist’ are off to their new home in Switzerland with two lovely new owners. We couldn’t be happier to have found such fantastic homes for all our puppies. We very much look forward to seeing them develop and know their new lives will be full of love.

Miss Lemon Drop and Master Green


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  1. Cathy
    Oct 16, 2016 @ 22:54:23

    Good-bye little girl <3


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