What a day… and Night…..

Wow what a night and day of gale force winds, trees down, fences broken and tiles cracked yet our babies sleep peacefully through it all blissfully unaware of the chaos outside.

Thoughts go to the poor dogs and puppies who only know the outside life and who have to survive outdoors despite the weather.

Our  babies are now nine days old and very soon a whole new world will open up for them, when their eyes and ears see and hear for the first time. What a wonderful moment to share with them in their on going development as puppies. We do know however, regardless of whatever the weather throws at us the puppies first experience of seeing and hearing will be full of love, gentleness and calm.

They are all growing well, some more than others, Miss Lime is the biggest and most noisy at nearly a kilo whereas her little sister weighs in today at 600 grams so we have been giving her extra time with Mum so she can catch up with her siblings. She is eager to catch up and feeds with vigour and determination.



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  1. Jan Witham
    May 22, 2014 @ 09:33:16

    So pleased for you that you have a nice size litter and that they are all well and thriving, big hugs to Flame!


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