Another Day

Really pleased to see the sun shining today after the horrendous weather of yesterday. Puppies are all snuggled up together, are getting quite noisy so we are concerned they are receiving enough milk from their Mum, not all nipples seem to be producing and when there are ten hungry mouths to feed you have to make sure all is well. We are checking with the Vet that all is well with Mum. Flame is being fed very well and is also having two gruel meals a day which are full of energy boosts as well as her Arden Grange Prestige dry food with extras added. We may have to supplement by assisting in feeding the pups but we will see what the Vets opinion is. The good and essential thing about recording the pups weight on a daily basis is to ensure all pups are gaining the correct amount of weight and that none are being left behind especially as this is a large litter for a maiden bitch.

It seems all is well with Flame but she  is probably not producing enough milk to provide enough to satisfy ten pups so we will supplement for now and see how things go

All Ten snuggled down aged 10 days

All ten pups at ten days old all snuggled up

Miss Lime, the big heavy

Miss Lime

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