A few days later

two weeks tomorrow 003

Well, it is quite some time since I last added a post, mainly due to us being kept busy feeding ten very hungry mouths by supplementing the short supply of milk at Flame’s milk bar. Needless to say all are thriving. They are now 3 1/2 weeks old and we have started to wean them They have had minced meat to start with which they adore but a bit costly to maintain so now they will start on proper weaning puppy food, might turn their noses up to begin with but hey when they are hungry enough they will soon enjoy it.

Yesterday was their first outing outside into the big world of the garden even though they were in their puppy enclosure they found grass for the first time and lots of new smells to keep them interested. They are at the lovely age where everything is a big adventure yet are small enough to keep out of mischief. In a week or so the enclosure will be greatly increased and our legs will be kept busy chasing little bundles around who want to continuously play and not be caught.

The time goes so quickly and it is difficult to believe that in 5 weeks time they will be old enough to go to their new homes. We will keep enjoying all the moments we have in being part of their forever changing and developing lives.

The great outdoors                     They are getting bigger by the day....

It is my fezzie           I love you big sis

                                 All fun together





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