Five week old little bundles

Master Ivory Master Emerald Master Pinky


We cannot believe just how quickly 5 weeks can pass from the birth of ten beautiful yet helpless little puppies, totally reliant upon their Mum for everything with a little help from us of course into becoming ten adventuous and independant little characters. Life is full on now, very active, very hungry and very little time to spare but would we change anything? hell no. We are enjoying every precious moment in sharing with them their development and seeing how their characters evolve as they grow.

They are now enjoying the outside life and we have expanded their play area, putting up shade of course, lots of toys to interact with and us plus our four goldies to learn from. Baggins remains a bit grumpy and is happy to see them from a distance, he likes his space but thats cool, he is affectionately known as Baggy Baby (much to his disgust).

Master Chocolate Miss Ebony Miss Lime

As you can see they are all beautiful puppies, lovely heads and very affectionate natures, whoever these little darlings go to will be very lucky.

Miss Caramel Miss Sapphire Miss Scarlet Miss Tango


At the milk bar

Waiting for the next feed, I'm first A good chin rest



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